The Summit part of this event will be a series of seminars and workshops addressing various topics of the Halal market in the US and around the World. Some of the sessions will include:

Who we are inviting to the Summit:

  • Major American companies such as Costco, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • Major Halal companies producers in the US.
  • Commercial/Trade Attache’s from all 50+ embassies in Washington DC
  • Ambassadors
  • Local and national Chamber of Commerce
  • Local politicians, mayors and governors
  • All participating vendors/exhibitors

The cost of Summit registration is $50 for Summit Pass or $150 for VIP Summit Pass. Discount will be offered to Vendors and Sponsors.
Summit Pass includes: Summit sessions, networking sessions and morning reception.
VIP Pass includes: Summit sessions, networking sessions, morning reception, private networking with Ambassadors and CEOs, and two days luncheons.