What is Halal

Halal applies not only to food products but to all aspects of life and social context. One may hear mention of, “Halal money.” What does this mean? For example, if a new religious center, school, hospital or any facility for social benefit is to be built, the funding must come from “clean” money or what is known as “Halal income.” Money derived from gambling, the selling of alcohol, drug trafficking, illicit social vices, or any illegal activity is considered detrimental to society and therefore not acceptable or considered a Halal income.

When one hears the word ‘Halal’ outside the food industry, it must be understood as a group of permissible practices that guide conduct in all areas of life. These practices will lead to a higher quality of life and a healthier society.

Halal certification of food ensures a more pure and wholesome form of nourishment for all people.

Source: Islamic Services of America